Bubble football.

Sports and recreation combined
Bubble Ball is the newest addition to the field of sports and recreation. The game is a playful branch of soccer where participants carry a large plastic ball that serves as a pad, which you can use to push, bump and roll. Playing soccer with a Bubble Ball is a great experience and is perfect for company parties, team building, events and group outings! The ball is easily supplied with air by means of a pump. Then the player crawls into the ball and the game can begin!
Bubble Ball het spel
Bubble Ball

The extra dimension.

Of humor and sportsmanship
Bubble Ball is sporty, great to play and hilarious to watch. Playing a game of football in a Bubble Ball adds a whole new dimension to the game, as players frequently have to push each other over to gain control of the ball. The large plastic ball protects the player from injuries. A pump is used to easily and quickly supply the ball with air.
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Handles and straps.

For control, safety and stability
Our Bubble Ball features two handles and straps that provide the player with additional stability and control. In addition, the straps ensure that the participant is properly secured. The handles and straps are made of excellent quality. In addition, the straps are easily adjustable in size by means of Velcro.
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Choose the material, color and format
The Bubble Ball is available in various sizes, for both children and adults. For participants up to approximately 1.65 meters the Bubble Ball 1.2 diameter is suitable and for persons larger than 1.65 meters there is the Bubble Ball 1.5 diameter. The ball is also available in various designs, colors and materials.
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