Bubble Ball leasing?

Only a few bookings per month cover all costs!
Do you want to start renting out bubble balls in an accessible way? With us you can, we help you to create a positive cash flow by leasing your new bubble balls. With a few orders in the month you can easily pay the lease costs and make sure that you don't have to make a large investment at once. You can also easily expand your offer by leasing additional bubble balls for your company.
Bubble Ball het spel

The benefits at a glance.

More working capital 
By spreading the costs over a longer period of time, you keep more working capital for other expenses within your company.
Fast payback
With just a few orders a month, you'll already recoup the lease costs and easily create a positive cash flow.
Expansion possibilities
Need extra bubble balls? Easily add them to your current lease to ensure you always have sufficient availability!
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